That can’t be Wryght…

This is where my story about the Betts family starts to get a little less concrete. I’m lacking citations at this point, but it’s pretty fun so I’m going to share it anyway.

After realizing I should try spelling “Betts” in a different way, I found that the Betts family was from Worthham, Suffolk. After reading through the book that chronicles their lives there, I learned that the Betts family came into good standing in the village after they married into the Wryght (or Wright) family, who had a long history in the area.

Unfortunately for the Wright family, they had only daughters. So, when John Betts married into the family by marrying Elizabeth Wright, their sons inherited everything and took over the Wright’s property, thus becoming the important family in the area. That’s just how they rolled in the 1500s.

Once I learned that the Wright family was the most likely one to yield results in a search, I turned my Googling to them.

I quickly found this site, which showed me the same information that was in that PDF. A good start, I figured. I started clicking back in time through Elizabeth’s ancestors. I started seeing lords and reverends and  people with “de” in front of their last names. I’m pretty sure each of them have really interesting stories which I might chronicle later, but I feel like it could take a lifetime in a library to sort out.

There was a lot to click through. I ended up doing a lot of this last Christmas break, so I recruited my sister to help. We wrote stuff down and tried to keep track of what we were finding. It was a few hours before we found this guy, Sir Robert Knight Templar Magna DeRos. What kind of name was that?

It’s ugly, but it’s a rendition of Sir Robert’s arms. (Source: Wikipedia)

It took a little more Googling, but I think that is an entry error. Not that I trust it, but Wikipedia churned out some different dates for these entries, but they’re fairly close. What it comes down to, though, is that Sir Robert De Ros (aka Elizabeth Wright’s 7x great grandfather through her mother) witnessed the signing of the Magna Carta.


I come from a family that loves politics. Finding that little relic was hilarious. I think it also fit nicely into my Canadian quest- what could be more important to the Canadian constitution we have now than the Magna Carta?

Now, as I said at the outset, I have yet to prove this information, but it’s fun to think about.


One thought on “That can’t be Wryght…

  1. My wife,Vickie Betts Sorenson and I both descend from Betts. I have Mary Betts who married Joseph Swasey (my great,great grandmother’s ancestor.) Mary was the daughter of Captain Richard Betts and Joanna Chamberlain. My wife also descends from them. Would enjoy hearing from you on the Betts ancestry.
    Stewart and Vickie Betts Sorenson
    Charlotte, Michigan

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