Looking way, way back

After I found Sir Robert, it suddenly struck me that I was back in 1170-1227. That’s almost 850 years! I don’t have any original documents to back up my findings yet, but I’m glad I have a place to start.

As my sister and I read about Sir Robert, we noticed that he was married to Isabella Mac William, the illegitimate daughter of William the Lion, King of the Scots. Needless to say, that was a little unexpected. This means, of course, their issue could be traced back through King William’s family tree, which is readily available on his Wikipedia page.

Royalty keeps pretty detailed information about who marries whom. Probably because they’re pretty picky about who royalty can marry. So, effectively, my job was done for this branch. But since they can trace back to the 700s and earlier, I have a lot of reading to do!

“Beaver Castle” image from Wikipedia

One funny anecdote I did read, though, is that this family lived in Belvoir Castle. Apparently the name was too French for the local Englishfolk, so they dubbed it “Beaver Castle” and the name stuck. I can’t think of a better place for proud Canuck to be from than a castle called Beaver!

Once the shock of finding these royal roots wore off, I decided to go back to Sir Robert’s father, Everard, to see if there was anything else there to learn before I proclaimed this a job well done. 

Everard’s parents were Robert de Ros and Sybil de Valoines, which is where Wikipeda ended. Back to Google I went. It lead me to this page which showed me that the ultimate De Ros ancestor was Piers, who lived 1117-1162. He married Adeline D’Espec, whose name is suspiciously French for someone born in England. 

Even though the journey for the De Ros line seemed complete, I plugged Piers/Peter into Google just to check and came up with his father’s name: Malcolm de Ros (1064-1168). I find his date of death a little sketchy, to be honest, but apparently, Malcolm was the son of Prince Ethelred of Scotland! I don’t know what to make of this WikiTree site and given that I’m back in 1073 at this point, it might not be accurate, but it’s definitely neat.

Like with Isabella, tapping into this royal line yielded so much more well-kept information to read. I haven’t investigated fully, but one day I will.

All in all, my maternal grandmother’s maternal lineage is pretty cool. Even if I can’t ever prove what I’ve blogged about in these last two posts, I’ve learned a little more about history, which is always a good thing.

Next time I’ll turn my attention to my dad’s family, so stay tuned!


One thought on “Looking way, way back

  1. What a fascinating journey, Andrea! It’s great that there are resources to help with tracing back several generations. Nothing like that exists for my family. I have a sketch of who some of my great-grandparents were, but that’s about it.

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