Luck of the Irish

As some of you may have noticed, almost all of my blog posts have been about my mom’s family. Today I’m turing my attention back to my dad’s father’s family.

When I first started looking through my dad’s family tree many years ago, not much popped up. This is partly because I didn’t have much to go on and partly because there just wasn’t that much online. During my early searches, I found census records, but that was it. In recent months, that’s changed. Either other family members have started putting more data online or, (more creepily) Google just knows me too well now and is giving me better results.

Whichever the case may be, my discoveries with my mom’s family over Christmas and working on this blog inspired me to take up the trail of my dad’s family once more.

I knew my dad’s grandmother’s name was Sarah Florence Perry. She was born in Canada as was her father, John. But his father, also John, was from Ireland.

I knew from my uncle’s stories about his ancestry search that the Perrys were from Ireland. I had always assumed they came over as a result of the Irish Potato Famine, but, when I looked more closely at the Canadian census, I realized they came to Canada long before the famine struck. So why did they leave? I decided to find out.

A few Google searches later and I was looking at this page: Irish Perry Genealogy. Honestly, sometimes you need to be good, and sometimes you need to be lucky. I poked around the site a little and found this part, that noted the John Perry who came to Canada. Jackpot! I was on the right track.

Image from Wikipedia

From what I read, it turns out my Perrys made violins in Ireland. I have always loved the violin and have always wanted to learn to play. Now that I know this, I’m thinking of taking lessons to honour my heritage.

The only problem was, this didn’t clarify why my Perrys would leave Ireland.

I emailed the curator of the site for more information and as of this moment, I haven’t heard back from her. But that’s ok because I poked around the comments section a little and found other Canadians to email and they kindly did get back to me.

What they told me though, will have to wait until my next blog.


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