One name wonder

The great thing about the Internet is that it can connect people of like mind. My good luck connecting with other people searching for our ancestors continued when I googled Woolgar, which you may remember was the surname of my maternal great grandfather who came to Canada in the early 1900s.

I found the Woolgar One Name Study and reached out to the curator, Marion. Even though it turned out we weren’t related, she did have information about my ancestors that she was kind enough to share. She has his family tree going back to the early 1700s in Surrey, which is fantastic.

I’ve learned that one name studies are a great resource. If you want to find yours, check here to see if anyone has started one for your family. So far, my experience has been wonderful.

She was also kind enough to share this Youtube video with me that she found. It was taken by my mom’s cousin, Linda at Leslie Arthur Woolgar’s grave. That’s my mom in blue. I didn’t know they did this so, it’s pretty cool what you find when you ask.


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