At this point in my adventure, I have shared everything I found in the last five years for free online. As I’m sure you can tell, a lot of it requires more digging to learn exactly what it all means, which is why I think now is a good time to pause and reflect on what I have learned so far.

I set out to prove to the world and to myself that I could say “I am Canadian” and have the evidence to back it up. I think I have found that and a lot more along the way. I’ve learned my ancestors were brave, bold and occasionally troublemakers. Several gave up everything to come to Canada, some had nothing to give up at all. But, they all found their way here and I am grateful for that.

The great thing about an ancestry adventure is that it never ends. There is always a new census about to be released, long lost family members posting information online and countless other sources of data. Finding it is all about having a little luck and a lot of patience.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned! My adventure will continue.


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